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First Court Date

November 29, 2008

A Case Management Meeting has been scheduled for May 1, 2009 in San Francisco.

The meeting has been assigned to The Honorable Arlene T. Borick.

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  1. sheila permalink
    May 1, 2009 9:13 pm

    We had just gotten married and had several expenses adding up on cards. My husband got the Transforming Debt to Wealth introduction CD, hoping we could learn the secrets of new IN-come sources.
    Soon we were paying hundreds of dollars for the whole package of Books, DVDs & online system to see what our worth was and how to pay of debt in a short time.
    Then came the “special” pitch with the very well psychological set up to get the 1 on 1 coaching. After having you agree you did want to be debt free and you are looking for the answers, etc….and they only pick those truly ready & committed to learning all the secrets… to the TUNE OF $10,000.00. And the “LONG PAGE” warrantee agreement was never made available to us again. Just sign… I should have yelled “NO” right then & there!
    We got in to the retirement & investment coaching and they wanted me to liquidate my guaranteed IRA s I could pay off all debt, INCLUDING the $10,000.00 owed to prosper learning. It would cost me additional early withdrawal taxes also.
    By the end of the year 2008 & the full blown recession staring at us, I said I was feeling very angry about having NO safety net.
    Then we got into the e commerce coaching. Every Wed. night I hated the lesson because it was gonna cost me money to join, post, start up, upgrade & sell things on E bay, or get a web site or what ever. We never made a penny & we hardly knew what to do with out the coaches’ help. We were not even getting debt free. We picked up a few pointers but we had our record keeping going & plan in affect before they sold us the full time on line school. I did no want to spend the rest of my life sitting in front of the computer reading their prosper training guides.
    Then a company hounded us to pay thousands more to become an LLC.
    My suspicions were True! And Now I do not want to pay this bogus debt I want all our money back!!! Anyone have the insight on HOW to? I’d appreciate your experience.
    A & S

    • May 2, 2009 10:19 am

      Unfortunate story, but not quite sure how this relates to Prosper. Still, probably a good reminder to others to be suspicious of high-pressure, get-rich-quick schemes. To the extent you have received a Prosper loan, you need to make your payments as promised. Best of luck to you.


  1. » Prosper faces class action lawsuit; pays 1M US$ in fines to states

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