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Prosper deleting key blog entries?

December 2, 2008

There are reports that Prosper employees are in the process of deleting key entries from their blog.

Having grown accustomed to such shenanigans, savvy lenders at archived the original content before Prosper had a chance to delete it.

Specifically, this incident relates to two blog entries by Doug Fuller.

In order to secure public access to these deleted blog entries, ProsperClassAction have reproduced the entries below:

Collections Update #2
Friday, April 11th, 2008
(original link:


I’ve just returned from my monthly visit to AmSher.  I’m very impressed with how quickly they have come up to speed on working Prosper accounts.  With three business days left in the month, we have already achieved our second best month ever in terms of total dollars collected, dollars collected per collection account and percent cured.  For example, through 3/26, we had collected $50.58 per collection account.  Those who were at Prosper Days may remember that the record was set in January at $52.27.  My expectation is that we should have a record setting month in at least two of the three metrics. 

I’m even more encouraged in that I am confident that next month will be better than this month.  We’re still working through some system interface issues, but have most of the kinks worked out.  We did find that implementing two commission structures for AmSher would require significant system work on our end.  As such, we will be handling the difference in commissions by doing periodic refunds to lenders.  The first refund should be posted by the end of April.

On the legal test, the vast majority of the cases have been sent to the courts.  Since this is a new asset class, the law firm did not have the pleadings set up in their automation system and are having to create each complaint manually.  Of the 66 accounts, there are five cases still in the production stage.  Additionally, there are four disputes that arose in the last three weeks which we have to answer before filing suit.  In next month’s update, I’ll have new figures on the number on whom we’ve obtained service — and hoping the first flood of post filing payments.

We will be doing another debt sale in the future.  We are waiting to see if AmSher can shake some money out of the older accounts.  While not a large number, AmSher has secured payments from 12 accounts that were at 121+ days in approximately six weeks.  This compares with an average of 2.2 payments per month previously.  A second reason for waiting is the current large amount of “inventory” in the debt market.  Basically the market is swamped by the large issuers scrambling to make quarter end numbers.

Doug Fuller is the Vice President of Operations at Prosper.

Debt Sale Update
Friday, May 2nd, 2008
(original link:


As most lenders’ know, Prosper had been planning to execute a debt sale during the month of April. To this end, a “bid file” was cut on April 11th. This bid file contained all loans that were more than 120 days past due as of that date that did not have a bankruptcy indicator or an open “Promise to Pay”.

In keeping with Prosper’s debt sale process, this file was sent to a list of approved bidders who have expressed interest in buying charged off Prosper debt. In addition, this file was placed with one of the largest debt auction/broker firms in the business. This firm has been in business for more than 15 years and hosts one of the premiere debt sale auction sites. The firm averages five portfolio sales a week – with portfolio sizes ranging from $2.5MM to $500MM.

As a result of these efforts, Prosper received a record number of bids on the sale file (eight). Unfortunately, all of the bids were extremely low. As I mentioned in my last update, the debt market was “flooded” by credit card issuers in March. That backlog has not dissipated.

At this point, we have not accepted a bid to buy the portfolio. We are actively soliciting alternative bids and proposals and are working through the alternatives. We are working to get the best price possible and appreciate your patience in this matter. Without compromising the status of negotiations, we will keep you informed on the process.

Doug Fuller is the Vice President of Operations at Prosper.


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