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Prosper employees speaking out

September 4, 2009

Two former Prosper employees have posted reviews of their former employer over at  You can read the original reviews here.

Here is the gist of it:


Working with great people in a flexible environment for a company that had so much potential…with emphasis on the HAD


All the pros no longer exist at Prosper, thanks to poor management choices. If you go and visit the Prosper HQ, all you will hear is the clicking away at keyboards of employees who are bitching to each other on IM. Upper management are a bunch of yes men (or women) who are archaic in thinking and should have stayed in the banking industry. Prosper is top heavy and is bound to topple over sooner than later.

Advice to Senior Management

Please don’t hire anyone who previously used to work at Providian again…that should be a huge red flag.

Here is another one:


Great concept, great location and great co-workers.


Management needs help. The head doesn’t know what the tail is doing which is unacceptable for such a small company.

Advice to Senior Management

Realize you now work at a startup not a fortune 500 any more. Communication is key.

One of the reviewers makes a point of cautioning Prosper against hiring more people who have a profesional background from Providian.  Current Prosper staffers who fit this description include Kirk Inglis (COO/CFO) and Doug Fuller (VP, Operations)…

PCASM would welcome guest blogger contributions from former and current Prosper employees.

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